Welcome to the all-new ScrapeTorrent v3

After months of development and a nearly complete rewrite, v3 is finally here! Rejoice! Along with your favorite features, version 3 also has some great new features and improvements.

    New Features:
  • New Design?!
  • Many More Searchable Sites
  • Site Quality Based Duplicate Filtering
  • Verified Torrent Notification
  • Size Range Filter Option
  • RSS Feeds (donor exclusive)
  • Quick Torrent Title Filter
Currently searching 13 sites:
  • AliveTorrents
  • BTJunkie
  • BTMon
  • FullDls
  • KickassTorrents
  • LimeTorrents
  • Monova
  • SeedPeer
  • SumoTorrent
  • TorrentBit
  • TorrentPortal
  • TorrentZap
  • Vertor

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Donor Exclusive Features:
  • RSS Feeds
  • Ad-Free Searching